Shannon Cox Counseling Center:

The overriding goal is to support and encourage the development of greater well-being among the citizens of Southwest Louisiana. Services provided include:

  • Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Smart Parenting
  • Anger Management Education
  • Training and Professional Development
  • Behavioral and Mental Health Consultation

The Leadership Center for Youth:

The Leadership Center for Youth provides opportunities for positive youth development. It is focused on providing youth with opportunities for:

  • Leadership Development “Navigating Life Challenges”
    Young people will benefit from experiential groups to promote self-respect and responsibility, leading to a healthy and responsible way of life.
  • Career Exploration “Building Career Pathways”
    In collaboration with area businesses and industry, high school youth participate in programs which offer them a chance to explore career options in experiential settings.
  • Advocacy “Promoting Civic Engagement”
    Young people are a powerful force for change. As future reformers, young people have innovative ideas on how to solve the political, economic, and social problems facing their communities. Programs engage young people in the democratic process and best practices of civic engagement.
  • Service Learning “Giving Time and Talent”
    Young people participate in programs and activities which emphasize their vital role in shaping their community.

Autism Support Alliance:

Participants develop socially with the use of one-on-one instruction, experiential activities, and dynamic group experiences. Services available include:

  • Education & Support
  • Social Learning
  • Family Resources
  • Parental Education
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Community Awareness

Performance Employee Assistance and Business Services:

Performance Employee Assistance and Business Services provides high quality, affordable human support services to leading businesses in Southwest Louisiana.

  • Employee Assistance Counseling
  • Consultative Services
  • Supervisor Training
  • Employee Relations Workshops
  • Career Guidance
  • Executive Coaching
  • Professional Development
  • Critical Incident Stress Management